Wednesday, January 23, 2013

keep calm and bake on

Say this with me: Nutella-stuffed brown butter and sea salt chocolate chip cookies. Uunnnfff.

The recipe is from Ambitious Kitchen. I didn't follow the chill time exactly, but still got superb results. In my opinion, three things make these mind-blowing: 1) brown butter, 2) Nutella centre, 3) sea salt.

It takes a bit of time to brown butter, and there's a certain amount of finesse to it, but it's easy enough as long as you're patient and attentive. You melt butter and cook it, stirring constantly. Then you wait, and wait...

...and then it's done! 

I cut down slightly on the amount of sugar in the recipe. Not that it makes much of a difference calorie wise, but I can keep trying to delude myself, right?

The buttery dough is already good enough to eat, but it gets better. HOWEVER, I completely lost track of taking photos while making these, so no more progress shots. 

In my opinion, these are the best straight out of the oven, when they're extra soft and chewy and just... ugh, I can't even find the words to describe how immensely luscious these are. The large grain sea salt perfectly offsets the sweetness of the Nutella. Sugary white chocolate chips, smooth milk chocolate chips, and bitter dark chocolate chunks are complimented by the slightly under-sweet dough base.

Yes, I baked half of these in a muffin pan. I only have one cookie sheet.

At first, you'd see these and go, "oh sick, multi-chocolate chip cookies!" Then you bite into one, and you're like, "Holy sh*t, wha--?" And then no more words come out of your mouth, because you're too busy eating.

Later on, I decided to make gingerbread cookies and brownies, which later on became chocolate covered brandy balls. Have I ever mentioned that I'm a lightweight? Five of these brandy balls could probably knock me out. Lucky I had people over to share with.

What's better than sharing sweets with people you love? Not much, if you ask me.


  1. God, this blog needs a new name, "How to torture my readers with such awesome food."

    I don't know why I read this blog before eating, now I'm starving, and whatever I eat will not be as good as what's on this blog. :-(

    This is really a great blog, you should get some kind of sponsorship from some food/cooking site somewhere.

    Nutella? Seriously?

    1. LOL thanks so much! It's wonderful to hear that someone enjoys reading these entries.

      I've sort of toyed with the idea, but I think I would have to build up higher popularity and ratings before that becomes a possibility. Also, it's nice to have total freedom over what sorts of posts I do and what ingredients to use. Do you have a blog/know much about sponsorship?

      Thanks for reading! :)