Tuesday, July 24, 2012

that time I had finals and didn't know what to eat

I ordered take out so many times I lost count. General tao chicken is most definitely not conducive to studying/good for boosting general brainpower. But, in between the times I picked up the phone to order dinner at 10pm, there was some of this:

Avocado and arugula salad with japanese wafu dressing.

Homemade pickled daikon maki rolls and onigiri.

Vermicelli noodle miso soup with baby bok choy and egg.

Snack time! Actually-good-for-you food: carrots, nuts, and sliced raw mushrooms. No, I don't consider myself weird for liking raw mushrooms even if you tell me they taste and feel like rubber.

That time I got sick in the middle of exams and made: wild mushroom and carrot congee, in an attempt to nurse myself back to health. Did it work? No, but it was good.

Next instalment: the vegan shepherd's pie debacle will be up soon!

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  1. Awesome blog! This is the greatest blog ever, I think.

    I have to agree with the raw mushrooms part tasting like rubber though.