Thursday, October 06, 2011

Lola Rosa

My good friend Alice was in town the other day. Our original plans were to hit the town right away since her bus arrived at 9pm, but the weather was so miserable that our group ended up staying in and chatting over some drinks (gin mixed with Barefoot pinot grigio and pink grapefruit juice). Luckily, the next morning only presented a light drizzle, so we hit up Lola Rosa for some delicious vegetarian dishes. My friend Connie brought her DSLR, hence the better than usual photos.

I really enjoy the atmosphere at Lola Rosa. It's small and cozy, and when I eat there I feel like I'm doing my body/the environment good. Plus, their stuff is delicious. I had a mushroom and blue cheese quiche the first time I went, and it was excellent. The filling was creamy but not heavy, the crust was perfectly flaky and crisp. Veggie and deelish? Win-win.

I ordered the ragout tunisien. The ragout had green cabbage, tomatoes, chickpeas and raisins, and was topped with toasted almonds and feta, served on a bed of bulghur. Although it was quite good overall, I had been hoping for a little more richness and bolder flavour. I liked the idea of a vegetarian ragout, but I think the lack of meat really calls for more punch from the veg and seasoning. The flavour profile of this ragout was too mild for me.

Two of my friends ordered the tomato pie. I had a bite, and man that was some delicious, delicious pastry. I think I'll order it next time.

The curry looked good, but I didn't try any. A friend who frequents Lola Rosa said that it's a very mild curry. Personally, I like my curries on the medium side, but honestly I'm down for everything on their menu.

I have a huge backlog of things to post. Til next time!


  1. Oh my god. This looks so good! Let's go again sometime!

  2. we should gooooo maybe for one of our birthday lunches/dinners??!!>_<