Wednesday, August 08, 2012

hello, my name is... (Montreal)

...eggs Benedict from Chez Cora.

...beef sukiyaki.

...homemade dango.

...a mirror resting on moving day.

...a room filled with memories but empty of furniture.

...pork filling for dumplings.

...dumplings, folded different ways.

...dumplings with black vinegar, soy, and sesame dipping sauce.

...tasty deep fried chocolate wontons.

...tulips in bloom on Rue Sherbrooke. tea hot chocolate and dark chocolate brownie at Suite 88.

...Texas style BBQ brisket sandwich at Deville.

...wakame salad, pork jelly, and cucumber squid salad.

...grilled lamb skewers. onion pancakes.

...lamb and tofu pot.

...polenta with ratatouille, mozzarella, and salsa from Lola Rosa.

...homemade linguine and meatballs. exceptional view from atop Mount Royal.

...Earl Grey milk tea from Nos Thés.

...avocado, fried egg, and homefries with corn.

...Vietnamese style vermicelli with two kinds of sauce, peanut and lemon herb.

...stuffed duck breast with garlic and rosemary.

...tagliatelle glazed in duck fat sauce. 

...rosemary chicken and potatoes.

...French macaroons from M Café.


  1. Wow, this in incredible. What an incredible lineup of food! Are you like royalty or something??

    I can google this but can you explain the 'homemade dango?' Never heard of dango before.

    Why do I read this blog before I eat??

    1. Thanks for your continued support! lol royalty... I'm just a girl who loves to cook and loves to eat.

      Dango are Japanese dumplings made from rice flour. There are tons of variations, but the ones I made were plain with a sweet and savoury soy based sauce/drizzle. Good stuff!

    2. Dango looks pretty good, never have seen it on a menu in my travels.

      Have your ever tried pumpkin soup? I never thought it could be good but tried it a few times and it's great, I always look out for it now.